Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Dr. Sammy Gibson here Eastwood Animal Clinic and just wanted to talk about some of the questions that we get on a routine basis. One of the common ones is why does my dog eat grass? Most of the time it’s an old wise tale you’re like oh we’re eating the grass because they don’t feel good or they have an upset stomach. To date at least that I’m aware of we don’t have any research to support them what we do seem to know is these guys like to eat grass because they like it. They’re kind of like a toddler they all explore with things try it my dogs eat it it does cause a lot of dogs some irritation in the stomach and they do bomb it a little bit now if it’s just routine your dog does it occasionally has an episode here and there we can live with that usually that’s not a big red flag for the most veterinarians but if it’s a new behavior or something unexpected or you’re having multiple frequencies with it okay more than once let us know because there’s some other things that will go looking for so hope that helps you guys out a little bit and see you next time.