Dr, George Gibson Vet at Eastwood Animal Clinic

George Raymond Gibson

I, George Raymond Gibson, am proud to be a native of El Paso, Texas. Here in El Paso I attended Ysleta High School, and the University of Texas at El Paso, then Texas A & M College of Veterinary Medicine in College Station, Texas. I have truly enjoyed growing and developing my practice of veterinary medicine here. Thank you for taking the time to read about me, to learn a bit about how I became the veterinarian I am and hope this can help you understand that the decisions about the healthcare of your pets is important to me. Since I can remember my love for dogs, fondness of any animal really, has been a part of my life. Little Bit, a black and white mixed breed, was my constant companion during my early years.  It was not uncommon to find me sleeping outside with Little Bit. This boy and “man’s best friend” bond later influenced my drive to pursue veterinary medicine.

A goal with every patient of mine is to provide the best health opportunity, disease prevention, or disease treatment outcome. I take pride in the fact that Eastwood Animal Clinic has been blessed to care for El Paso’s animals and their owners, while also providing jobs in the community. Friendships have developed with many clients over the years.  It is in these relationships, whether brief or long standing, where caring for patients has been extremely gratifying. I love to see patients that truly enjoy coming to the clinic, so you can expect to see treats and toys being provided, when appropriate, to give my patients that welcoming atmosphere. Outside of a general love for the practice of small animal veterinary medicine, some areas of special interest include ear crops and reproductive medicine.

Donna Gibson, also an El Paso native, has been my wife for over 40 years. We are proud parents of three. George the 3rd, our oldest son, is also a father of two and serves as a flight surgeon with the United States Air Force and a background in emergency medicine. My “favorite” daughter, my only daughter, is Jenny. She is the mother of three and was trained as a counselor with a focus on Christian principles. My youngest son, Dr. Sammy is also a veterinarian, father of two, and my partner at Eastwood Animal Clinic. If you are at the clinic, you may see with my constant companion, little friend Shamra. She is a tea-cup Chihuahua who has some health problems, but continues to teach me about the special relationship between us and our animals. Caring for this relationship reveals the truly wonderful nature about the profession of veterinary medicine. My furry family extends to include a few others, Bandit a husky, Chester a Doberman mix, our horses Taco, Chino, Amigo, and my wife’s feather friend Bubbles.

My core beliefs and philosophy can be summed up as, “Pray like it all depends upon God, but work like it depends on me.” Caring for animals and their owners is the goal of Eastwood Animal Clinic and our staff. It is in truly caring for pets like family, where we together can arrive at the best plan of care, make proper adjustments, and be the venue of choice to deliver you a great veterinary medicine experience. Veterinary medicine has been my life’s passion, I am honored to be part of this wonderful profession and would highly recommend anyone to choose it for themselves.