Pet Wellness Examination in El Paso

Pets have their significant ways of telling their feelings to us, due to this fact, a complete physical examination is beneficial at least once in a year. Even though doing this examination for the pets is encouraged to be at every 6-month, especially for senior pets age 7 and above.
Our veterinary wellness exam gives us the complete understanding of the overall state of health of your pet as well as identify possible issues before they become complicated.
Eastwood Animal Clinic is the partner in the health of your pet, we will be glad to entertain questions about your pet’s health, habits, and daily care. There are no questions that are not significant or silly to ask as long as it has to do with your pet, our desire is to address your concerns. We want you to be knowledgeable about every aspect of the health care of your pet and we will be glad to give advice and education on how to help your pet’s healthcare and how they will live healthier, longer and happier.


and see if there is heart murmurs, abnormal heart beat pattern (arrhythmias) and other signs of heart disease. All these can be heard with the aid of a stethoscope.

listening to your pet’s lung with the aid of a stethoscope will allow us detect infections, diseases or other problems and assess the overall pulmonary health of your pet.

Dental disease is a very common one with pets. Getting them examined will ensure that we know the level of any infection and impaction, plaque and tartar. This will allow us to recommend the needed dental cleanings. Puppies and kittens also need to be checked to ensure they are growing the way they should grow.

eye related diseases in pets can be prevented through regular care and screenings. We will look for dry eyes, cataracts, corneal ulcers and glaucoma.

Check for ear mites, redness, odor or discharge or other signs of ear infections. Allergies and outdoor activities can irritate your pet’s ears.

through this action we try to look for lumps, bumps, or swellings and skin discolorations, lesions or patterns of hair loss or thinning. All these can indicate the presence of metabolic disease or systemic problems.

Through feeling and moving the joints and limbs, we look for swollen joints, decreased muscle tone and variations in muscle size and will observe your pet’s gait, we will also look for growth problems in your pets but that will be dependent on their age. We will look for any problem in the hip or elbow or signs of arthritis in our older friends.

(additional vaccine charges apply)

to know the following about your pet: its behavior, appetite, exercise habits, and regular activities at home, with this we will be able to provide nutritional counseling.

heartworm, flea and tick and parasite control.

A complete physical exam should include a heartworm test as well as blood and urine test each year. These tests will not only identify the presence of underlying disease, they will also create a baseline should your pet become ill. A few simple tests give us so many results about your pet’s kidneys, liver, pancreas, blood sugar, white and red blood cells and platelet counts.

Through a recommended fecal examination we will be able to check for parasites or worms in your pet (that could attract additional charge).

For more information, please call Eastwood Animal Clinic at 915. 593.0713 to setup your wellness exam for your pet.